How to choose a vaporizer

It depends on where you use it, how often and on how lazy/proactive.

But let us save you some years of trying things. If you can afford it, and you are a frequent user, get a desktop vaporizer and a portable one. 

It might take trying a few before you find the one. And to be fair, you might end up with a classic combination of a desktop and a couple of portable ones. 

Let's start with the obvious. What is a vaporizer?

There are 3 types mainly

Portable vs Desktop  (on the go vs at home).

Whip vs Ballon



Smaller filling chambers or adaptors. You also want to look at how the device will treat your herb. A portable one will always generate more burnt flower, and the vapor session will last shorter. With some desktop ones, you could go on for way over 30 minutes of non stop use.


Heathing Method

This affects how much your herbs get toasted. Convection vs conduction. 



Size is the obvious first thing we think of, but, if you need to be stealth and don't want anybody knowing about it, you might want to keep in mind noise and smell. On some portable devices, herbs start to smell like they are being burned very rapidly, making it all but stealth. 


Battery life




How lazy are you?


Ongoing cost


Temperature range