How to choose a bong

The short version

Get something big enough. A mini bong is not going to cut it for a frequent user, but is a great second one to have around, especially when friends come over. Or for that cheeky wake and bake. 

Ice cubes and percolators make the smoke feel smoother but will add some maintenance time and ice cube making.

If you just keep it at home, get yourself a thick and heavy one. It will last you a lifetime.


The proper breakdown 

Almost all engineering efforts in a bong are towards lowering the harshness of a hit. 

Our top 3 priorities. Hit smoothness, ease to clean, durability. 



We keep things simple, we only have beaker shaped bongs. You can find straight ones and funky and artistically shaped ones. Complicated gets annoying very rapidly when it's cleaning time.



A small bong is great if you ever need to put it in a backpack or if you don't have a lot of stash space at home.

As a rule of thumb, the smaller the bong, the harsher the hit. A larger bong on the other hand will help less harsh hits.


Ice bong vs. regular?

Listen, you need to be honest with yourself before you pick one. If you are the kind of person that regularly keeps ice cubes in their freezer, you will 100% enjoy an ice bong. If you think having ice cubes in the freezer is a great idea, but it never goes beyond an idea, you just have some extra dents to deal with when cleaning your bong. You should buy a regular one.



It helps you cool down the smoke. It looks cool af and the bubbling sound it makes rapidly becomes a key part of the experience. Hand made. 


Glass vs. plastic

We don't stock any plastic bongs, only high quality borosilicate glass. We don't particularly like plastic ones as the one we've tried have cracked easily, overheated, melted, tipped over and the list goes on.



Thicker glass can handle higher temperatures for longer and will handle the not so occasional bump on every possible surface after use. 



A large ice bong with multiple percolators will take longer to clean than a mini regular one. A difference of seconds if you regularly clean it, a lot more 

If you are in an emergency situation, you can always try and McGyver your way out of it with some suggestions from Reddit. 


Bowl size

Feeling adventurous? You can always increase your bowl size to one that accommodates larger amounts of flower.